Smoke Alarms and Fire Prevention Education Through Be Alarmed! Program

Sparta Fire Department is proud to announce its participation in the Be Alarmed! program. The program, in coordination with the nonprofit Illinois Fire Safety Alliance as well as the Office of the State Fire Marshal, provides smoke alarms and fire prevention materials to Illinois fire departments in an effort to both educate residents on fire safety as well as to provide them with life-saving devices in their home.

The program was developed to educate residents on the dangers of fire, how to prevent fire from occurring in the home, and to ensure there are working smoke alarms properly installed in homes. By utilizing 10-year concealed battery smoke alarms, it ensures that the power source cannot be removed from the unit and, if properly maintained, will last the life of the device.

“Smoke alarms are the most effective early warning device there is,” says Sparta Chief Andrew Dahlem. “By merely having a working smoke alarm in your home, it reduces your chance of dying in a reported fire in half.”

“Our goal is to make sure residents have the protection of a smoke alarm,” says Firefighter Dan Demond. “Because smoke alarms alone won’t prevent every fire death, our program includes educating residents on how to create a home fire escape plan so they know what to do if their smoke alarm sounds.”

Anyone wishing to receive more information about Sparta Fire Department’s smoke alarm program should contact the department at:

Phone: 618-443-2917 (Option 2)



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